PriDE Eclipse Plugin

For users of the Eclipse 2.x development plattform, there is a plugin available which allows to run PriDE's entity generator in a convenient way from within the IDE. The plugin is distributed as a single ZIP archive which has to be extracted in the Eclipse installation directory. If Eclipse is already running, the IDE must be restarted.

After successful installation of the PriDE plugin, the context menu for packages in a Java projects' package explorer provides a menu item for entity generation as shown below:

PriDE Plugin

Selecting the menu, brings up a wizard dialog for the specification of database JDBC connection parameters.

PriDE Plugin JDBC connection

The Next button will be enabled after having successfully tested the specified database connection. In the second step, the database tables have to be selected which the plugin should generate entities for. When selecting a single database table, the input field Class name allows to specify the name of the target class, otherwise the entity types have the same name as the corresponding tables. When selecting multiple tables, the check mark Create joined type allows to produce a single entity type, representing a join of all selected tables. By default, the plugin creates hybrid types as described in the introduction. A separation between mapping and value type can be achieved by setting the appropriate check mark. In this case the mappiung type's name is made up from appending the suffix DBA to the name of the value type.


The actual generation is run by pressing the button Finish. The entitiy types are created in the package from which the generator was invoked. If an entity type already exists, it is overwritten if possible.

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