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de.mathema.pride This package provides the implementation of the PriDE persistence layer for JAVA. 

Uses of Database in de.mathema.pride

Fields in de.mathema.pride declared as Database
protected  Database StoredProcedure.db
protected  Database ResultIterator.db
protected  Database PreparedOperation.db

Methods in de.mathema.pride that return Database
 Database StoredProcedure.getDatabase()
          Returns a database required by formatting and logging functions.
static Database DatabaseFactory.getDatabase()
          Returns the Database instance of the current context
protected static Database ObjectAdapter.getDatabase(ExtensionDescriptor xd)
protected static Database DatabaseAdapter.getDatabase(ExtensionDescriptor xd)
protected static Database ObjectAdapter.getDatabase(RecordDescriptor red)
protected static Database DatabaseAdapter.getDatabase(RecordDescriptor red)
static Database DatabaseFactory.getDatabase(java.lang.String contextName)
          Returns the Database instance of the specified context.
static Database DatabaseFactory.setContext(java.lang.String name)
          Makes the specified context the current one and returns the context's Database instance.

Methods in de.mathema.pride with parameters of type Database
 void StoredProcedure.execute(Database db)
          Executes the stored procedure represented by this object on the passed database.
 java.lang.String RecordDescriptor.getConstraint(java.lang.Object obj, java.lang.String[] dbfields, boolean byLike, Database db)
          Constructs a constraint for a database query
 java.lang.String RecordDescriptor.getCreationValues(java.lang.Object obj, java.lang.String[] excludeAttrs, Database db)
          Returns a comma-seperated list of all attribute values of the passed object as required for an SQL insert operation
 java.lang.String RecordDescriptor.getUpdateValues(java.lang.Object obj, Database db)
          Returns a database update clause for the passed object's attribute.
 java.lang.String RecordDescriptor.getUpdateValues(java.lang.Object obj, java.lang.String[] excludeAttrs, java.lang.String[] includeAttrs, Database db)
          Like the function above except that all attributes listed in excludeAttrs are left off instead of the first one.
 java.lang.Object RecordDescriptor.getWhereValue(java.lang.Object obj, java.lang.String dbfield, boolean byLike, Database db)
          Runs getWhereValue on the attribute descriptor, representing the attribute specified by parameter dbfield
 void ExceptionListener.process(Database db, java.lang.Exception x)
          Process an exception which caused the current operation to fail but does not compromise the system integrity.
 void ExceptionListener.processSevere(Database db, java.lang.Exception x)
          Process an exception which compromise the system integrity.
 boolean ResourceAccessor.setLogging(Database db, boolean state)
          Switch SQL logging on and off, according to the the value of parameter state.
 boolean AbstractResourceAccessor.setLogging(Database db, boolean val)
          Switch SQL logging on and off.
 void ResourceAccessor.sqlLog(Database db, java.lang.String operation)
          Writes the passed operation to the SQL log, if logging is enabled
 void AbstractResourceAccessor.sqlLog(Database db, java.lang.String operation)
 void ResourceAccessor.sqlLogError(Database db, java.sql.SQLException sqlx)
          Writes the passed SQL exception to the log, if logging is enabled
 void AbstractResourceAccessor.sqlLogError(Database db, java.sql.SQLException sqlx)

Constructors in de.mathema.pride with parameters of type Database
ResultIterator(java.sql.Statement statement, java.sql.ResultSet rs, Database db, java.sql.Connection con)
ResultIterator(java.sql.Statement statement, java.sql.ResultSet rs, java.lang.Object obj, RecordDescriptor red, Database db, java.sql.Connection con)
          Creates a new ResultIterator from an query.
TransactionEvent(Database db)