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Packages that use ObjectAdapter
de.mathema.pride This package provides the implementation of the PriDE persistence layer for JAVA. 
de.mathema.pride.util This package contains classes for the generation of data entity types from database tables. 

Uses of ObjectAdapter in de.mathema.pride

Subclasses of ObjectAdapter in de.mathema.pride
 class Attribute
          Entity class to access the table of generic attributes
 class MappedObject
          Convenience derivation from ObjectAdapter, assuming that the entity to operate on is this object itself.
 class ValueObjectAdapter
          Convenience derivation from ObjectAdapter, operating on a passed value object.

Uses of ObjectAdapter in de.mathema.pride.util

Subclasses of ObjectAdapter in de.mathema.pride.util
 class AllArguments
          Header: DMD3000 Framework Business Components Description: PriDE database adapter for Oracle's ALL_ARGUMENTS table which contains meta data about stored procedures and is therefore assential input for the StoredProcedureGenerator Copyright: Copyright (c) 2002 Organisation: arvato systems